50 Fall Activities for Toddlers

I LOVE FALL! I can’t get enough of the fall season and everything that it brings. I wanted to make sure my family got the most out of this season with fun and meaningful activities. I have created a list of 50 fun fall-themed activities geared for children 5 and under. I hope you enjoy doing these activities as much as my family will!

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  1. Give a pumpkin a bath

  2. Play hide and seek with glow-sticks

  3. Go on a nature walk

  4. Paint with leaves you collect from outside

  5. Jump in a pile of leaves

  6. Decorate Halloween cookies

  7. Go on a walk in the rain

  8. Practice gluing with fall leaves

  9. Visit a farm

  10. Make a fort on a rainy day

  11. Dissect an apple, then make stamp art with it

  12. Visit a library

  13. Make a fall tree art project

  14. Have a picnic (outdoors or indoors on a rainy day)

  15. Play with pumpkin guts in a sensory bin

  16. Visit a fire station

  17. Buy or make a costume

  18. Jump in puddles

  19. Make a pine-cone bird feeder

  20. Help rake leaves (Pretend indoor or outdoor)

  21. Make a Halloween card to send to grandparents

  22. Make a Thanksgiving card to send to grandparents

  23. Paint a pumpkin

  24. Make homemade playdough

  25. Make something pumpkin flavored to eat

  26. Drink apple cider (hot or cold)

  27. Pick apples

  28. Go on a hay ride

  29. Watch/Play football

  30. Read a book about Fall

  31. Watch a Halloween movie

  32. Carve a pumpkin

  33. Decorate for Fall

  34. Visit a petting zoo

  35. Roast pumpkin seeds

  36. Visit a pumpkin patch

  37. Bake a pie

  38. Go through a corn maze

  39. Buy a new holiday themed book

  40. Collect and sort leaves and pinecones

  41. Go on a family hike

  42. Take family photos

  43. Make a fall wreath

  44. Make a Thankful Tree

  45. Pumpkin Stamp

  46. Fall Scavenger Hunt

  47. Make Pumpkin Moon Sand

  48. Complete a pumpkin puzzle

  49. Make pumpkin spice finger paint or rice

  50. Taste test different types of apples and find your favorite

Have fun and Happy Fall Y’all! <3


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