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Are you looking for a super cute and incredibly easy baby shower gift? In comes the DIAPER CAKE! I am not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by this at first. I am semi-crafty, which means my crafts either come out amazing or a fail (more fails than amazing though). So this means that if I can make a diaper cake, so can you! The best part about this cake is that I didn’t even use ONE rubber band! There was no rolling and wrapping the rubber bands around each diaper. That is a pain for both you and the new mom to be! No one wants to have to take a rubber band off of a diaper and unroll it before using it! The easier the better for the new mom-to-be. I am going to walk you through a quick tutorial of how I made this FIRE TRUCK diaper cake!

Step #1

You need a piece of circular cardboard and diapers! I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a cardboard cake circle. You can get any size you want. Get the size that you want the bottom of your cake to be. This is going to be your base. If you want to be on a super budget, grab a piece of cardboard and cut out your own circle!

Step #2

Place your diapers on the piece of circular cardboard like the picture above. I simply spiraled them and continued to add diapers until the whole spiral was full. I noticed there was some empty space in the center of my diaper spiral, so I rolled three diapers and put them in the middle in order to tighten the spiral up. Just keep adding diapers and fix the spacing until you feel it is perfect.

Step #3

Get your ribbon of choice and wrap it around the base layer of the diaper cake. I tightened it and tied the ribbon into a knot. Once it was in a knot, I cut the remaining ribbon as short as possible so the tie would not be as noticeable.

Step #4

I added another ribbon for a pop of color and to make the “Thin Red Line”*. This step is optional and depends on the theme of your cake. Again, I tightened my cake up some more with the ribbons, tied a knot, and cut the remaining ribbon to make the tie off point the least amount noticeable.

*The term “Thin Red Line” is a symbol used by fire departments to show respect for firefighters injured and killed in the line of duty.

Step #5

(Ignore the toddler hand 🙂 haha!)

Get your decorations and start placing them! I knew I wanted to add this little felt fire truck along with the “BABY ON BOARD” sign. I had to take the sign out of the packaging in order to make it work best! You could stop here and wrap up the diaper cake with clear cellophane and tie it with a ribbon, or you can add additional goodies into the cake for the mom-to-be and baby.


I added a top layer of goodies to my diaper cake. I made a triangle of three rectangular shaped items which were: The C-Panty (which I HIGHLY recommend to any mama that is going to have a c-section- find a pair HERE ), a baby kit full of essentials (Like this ONE HERE ), and a cute picture frame. Inside the triangle I rolled up a sleeper and added some travel sized baby products. To fill up the remaining space and add more pizazz, I added some blue paper sizzle to the very top. THAT IS ALL! I am done! My very last step will be to wrap up the diaper cake with cellophane and add a pretty bow.

You can do any theme that you want to. This theme was done for a fellow fire wife that is having a “fire theme” baby shower. I always think it is cute to bring something that matches the baby shower, but you can do any theme you desire! I used Pampers diapers because they were simple in color. My recommendation is to be mindful of the type of diaper you buy and the color that they are, this could ruin the whole color scheme of your diaper cake. Target has a generic diaper that is extremely affordable and mostly white. I think the plainer the diaper the better, that way you can add decorations, but it is up to you!

If you have any questions, please write in the comments section below! Remember, if I can make a diaper cake, so can you 🙂 You got this! <3


14 thoughts on “How to Make a Diaper Cake

  1. I love these and wish someone would have made me one lol. A cloth diaper one would be even better for me haha! They are so cute.

  2. What a clever idea. I love this. I will have to remember this for the next baby shower I do. I don’t know if you thought of it or not but it is creative.

  3. You made this seem so easy! I’ve always thought about making a diaper cake as a new mom gift but I figured the process was more intense! Thanks for explaining it perfectly!

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